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It’s what I want. And there is no map. Just plug any of these in and it works you don’t even have to reboot! And probably get them to write me big checks to watch it. How can I be out of my league if Windows 98 and Linux managed to kill the programs with no side effects? I can make Windows behave in the opposite manner. Does Windows boot off USB or come with built-in storage support?

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Suddenly my art example doesn’t sound so wise since I could be so easily called upon to back it up. W9d Aug 21, 5: But who cares, show me how to get a universal menu under Windows. Jul 26, Posts: Tue Aug 22, 9: And you can’t say Macworld was a bias against Macs!

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Well which is it: Can I make it so that clicking one Finder window prevents all the others from jumping to the top? Windows lets ub modify the appearance of the GUI in virtually every way. Art is whatever we say is art. It’s an utter abomination. You are full of assumptions; I did not say that the Mac was trouble-free.


One review in Macworld showed NT was absolutely killing it in all the tests. Afaik, it should be referred as “Mac”, which is the shortcut for “Macintosh”. I’ll bet that if Apple remove the feature people will complain even louder.

Wed Aug 23, It’s not just Finder. Which is why I generally stay out of the Battlefront.

Why do people use Macs???

Is there a WinVision product or something like it for the Mac? What if grandma doesn’t want to shell out the OTHER half of her life savings she spent the first one on the mac itself just to move some files? Ludo Ars Centurion Registered: It was toooo funny. Window shade does exactly the same thing as minimise – it rolls up the window. And there is no map.

Why do people use Macs??? – Ars Technica OpenForum

Plus if you buy well-known brands with lifetime warranties you have absolutetely no problems, and the disks are cheap as hell. Tell me, do you consider John Carmack to not be a “good” programmer.


If Windows did this Mac users would be blowing their trumpets all over town. So for 5 years you claim that you didn’t care about Mac OS’s crappy implementation, and now suddenly you are going on about how OS X is maxvision to be a cure all for these problems.

This is my every-other-friday day off.

Now there’s a good one. The floppy-less iMac has been out for over two years, get over it already. Feb 29, Posts: If between reboot and modify you insert “find problem code” you will save yourself a lot of grief. Jul 8, Posts: I maximize everything anyway I hate not having windows maximized.