Not only does it make the behavior more reliable, it seems less likely to be subject to security problems loading classes from places I didn’t expect. Extract data from result set while rs. I have a question: This is how my part of code looks now:. Google and stackoverflow are your friends. In reply to this post by Kristian Waagan-2 kristian For the login I use an activatable server this app uses java rmi , then, once I’m done with this derby problem, I’ll use another “normal” server that extends UnicastRemoteObject. I faced similar issue and it got resolved by including derby.

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In case you are using maven, likely you’ll suutable the dependencies i. I mean, running or trying derby in one shell, lets the others interact with it? Comments with solutions will be removed and commenters will automatically be banned for a week. Secondly, can you try modifying your application along the lines described here: This is how my part of code looks now: This seems to solve the problem for me. Do I have to run the derby-server before I start my entire application and then connect with something like ‘jdbc: Refer to this for more details: Am I all abroad?


Do not submit executable jar or compressed zip, rar, 7z, etc. Setup my doubt is on this part of “Setting the class path” link, maybe because I read the windows version and not the linux one: Amit Kaneria 2, 1 17 This is what is happening now.

I rather doubt that the asterisk is doing what you expect it to. Bryan Pendleton-3 wrote I believe that the server will need to have derby. Use of this site suotable acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Select above mentioned jars from path e. Search everywhere only in this topic Advanced Search No suitable driver found for jdbc: Check out the wiki for frequently asked questions.

SQLException: No Suitable Driver Found For Jdbc:derby – Java |

Maybe allocating a new EmbeddedDriver is to heavy but on the other side, Class. Hi experts, I’m using JCreater to run a java program but after the program compiles successfully, I get this error message: The servers tries to connect but throws a “cannot find a suitable suitwble for” exception.

And just in case, check that derbyclient. If these run, then the classpath is working properly, as least for Derby’s purposes. It’s connected but can’t find your database.


Did you write this server code yourself, or is it a well-known server of some type? Here is the code in picture.

Derby : No suitable driver found for jdbc:derby:db;create=true

Post titles must be descriptive. And what is “class. I have a question: Not only does it make the behavior more reliable, it seems less likely to be subject to security problems loading classes from places I didn’t expect.

So it should read: You think i need to specify the complete path It looks to me like the classpath does not contain the correct. So the first part of the project is essentially use code from our textbook and modify it with stuff the professor told us to add. Database ‘addressbook’ not found.