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This may be true BUT the original ClassNotFound exception still points to a classpath problem and I suspect this should be addressed first. Find the duplicate idea: And where is the driver located? If you are connecting to Oracle 10g database from Java 1. Anonymous June 11, at 3: Added that also but not getting the solution. Finally Restart your server then it would be execute.

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Even if you’re using a maven project it is not necessary to add ojdbc to maven dependencies method 2method 1 adding directly to deployment assembly works just fine.

The following are common connection errors. No suitable driver in DB2 7. Anonymous July 7, at 8: Your Java program, either standalone or Java web application is trying to connect to Oracle database using type 4 JDBC thin driver ” oracle.

ORCL the username and password are working as i checked that with my oracle sql puls. Validating the database connection There are multiple ways of validating the database connection.


Karthik Reddy 2, 1 11 8.

java – Driver ClassNotFoundException – Qaru

If your Java program is connecting to Oracle 10g database and running on Java 1. This is my Servlet class package control; import java. Bill July 14, at 9: No suitable driver found for jdbc: Provide a reason for quarantining this blog entry optional: In that i created a new database connection selecting Oracle In the new Driver definition oracle thin driver 10 i made modifications like removing the classes14 jar,adding the classes12 jar, setting the SID,username ,password Sign up using Email and Password.

Java 8 shoudn’t be the reason of this error, must be something else. Type in a Name: If you are using tomcat to deploy your Java web application, You can also put this ojdbc.

Oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver ClassNotFoundException

Summary If you are connecting to Oracle 11g from Java and running on version Java 6 then include ojdbc6. Email Required, but never shown. ClassNotFoundException while trying to connect to Oracle. Sanchi Bansal 1 2. Is it applicable on Android Development too?


The option to specify the connection parameters in command line is available since V7 Fix Pack 9 and the java.sql.sqleception is as follows: Can you please suggest if anything special required when you connect to Oracle DB from Spring? Post as a guest Name. Thank you very much NullPointerException” How can i overcome this error?

OracleDriver how to solve it. As a new comer for Java switched from. Find the duplicate idea: I added the classes Then in Classpath under Bootstrap Entries add your classes This blog promotes knowledge sharing through experience and collaboration.

You can add any JAR which having above specified class exist like ojdbc14,ojdbc7,ojdbc6 but make sure that you have added it into classpath.