Ask Ubuntu works best with JavaScript enabled. Plus you can switch to it without removing your existing setup if you want. Frequently Asked Questions Windows refugees, start here Rules Homophobia, sexism, racism or any derogatory language will not be tolerated. Log in or sign up in seconds. Installing Intel graphics driver in Ubuntu I can finally use ubuntu on my netbook intel atom. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Graphics Drivers for Linux*

Code can be found on Github Any issues can be reported here Additionally, feel free to message us if your non-spam! This way you can try it out and switch back if you don’t like it. Looking around for help I learned that Ubuntu detects and automatically installs everything in regards to intel chipsets.

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I want something fast, well at least as fast as my systems capabilities. And that drivers would not be needed. Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct. Martin Thornton 2, 5 18 I’m currently using the same output, but does XCB output use hardware acceleration? I had the same problem. OK I will give that a shot, I assume I am using the heaviest version now? This system is just to mess around with, write docs and web browse. Community contributions range from driver development and refinement to widespread project involvement, with a particular focus on advancing standards for Open Source graphics.


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Just run sudo apt install xubuntu-desktop And when you reboot you will have an option at the login screen to use Xubuntu or Gnome. Also, there are 4 drivers listed there, and my guess is that I need all of them, but If you know otherwise, please let me know.

Open a terminal, and execute these line:. Installing Intel graphics driver in Ubuntu Video acceleration worked just fine nitel VLC in May 23rd, 1. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

intel-vaapi-driver source package in Bionic

What should I do? I wanted to install grphic driver. Post as a guest Name.

Gnome 3 is probably the heaviest DE still lighter than Windows, though. So, I want to use graphics drivers provided by Intel, but unfortuanately there is no prebuilt packages for However I figured I should at least have the correct driver installed.

Ho1 uuntu 9 December 29th, 2.

Hardware from 10 years old would explain your “but it seems sluggish”. Could you link me to exactly what I should use?


I can finally use ubuntu on my netbook intel atom. Sign up using Email and Password. To apply for flair, please see here. Ubuntu Members and employees of Canonical have emblems next to their names, indicating their affliation.