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Developed to ensure safepoints for Java threads, SafepointPolling technology generates a signal that can interfere with the signal between the application server and a DB2 database. I will keep looking. With these changes in operating system requirements, the -w option, which would have provided the ability to specify the bit width of the instance, was removed for the db2icrt, db2ilist and db2iupdt commands. Data sources that you create under this provider support the use of XA to perform two-phase commit processing. You must also specify the fully qualified path of db2jcc4. Requires the following properties:

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Uses the following class paths: Do you have any examples of how I use that driver to connect? JDBC3 should be 1. The XA Specificationavailable from http: These are only needed when driverType is set to 2. The driver is packaged in the following way: BenCole 1, 2 13 They seem to be very elusive and Db2jvc.jar hit many dead-ends at IBM’s website.

DB2Jcc – IBM Data Server Driver for JDBC and SQLJ diagnostic utility

It doesn’t seem to have the traditional com. Drivers of this type are generally dependent on a native library, which limits their portability.


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Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Uses the following class path: Supports the two phase data source: However, fixes will continue to be delivered.

DB2 JDBC Driver and URL Information

If you install any fixes or upgrades to DB2, you must update this file as well. Type 4 Drivers that are pure Java and implement the network protocol for a specific data source.

Type 3 Drivers that use a pure Java client and communicate with a data server using a data-server-independent protocol. Because of the native code, their portability is limited.

I know its late but i recently ran into this situation. Db2jccc.jar the following two-phase data source: Mustafa sabir 3, 1 8 Data sources that you create under this provider support the use of XA to perform two-phase commit processing. In addition, the width of the default instance bit is now determined by the operating system, which is different than with previous versions of DB2.


You can use a database alias for the databaseName when driverType is set to 4. On a command prompt with Java 1.

Where do I download JDBC drivers for DB2 that are compatible with JDK ? – Stack Overflow

The application can make type 2 and type 4 connections using this single driver instance. I am suprised that I got this info on oracle’s website whereas this seems nowhere to be db2jccjar on IBM’s website.

Is configurable only in version 7.

Place this file in the same directory as the db2jcc. To configure the property, use either the wsadmin scripting tool or the administrative console page Java EE resource provider ibmm connection factory custom properties collection.

JDBC type 4 driver JAR file

You must set the appropriate properties on every data source that you configure. The client connects directly to the data source. After wasting entire day I finally found the solution. However not all data servers support both types.

Is configurable in version 7.