For more information about configuring authentication, refer to the SequeLink Administrator’s Guide. Users can then add the database drivers, which link the application to the database systems of their choice. When set to 0 the initial default , the workaround is not enabled. Type the name of the database to which you want to connect. To configure the file data source to retrieve connection information from an LDAP directory, continue with the next step. Short names are shown enclosed within parentheses. In this case, the Progress driver and SequeLink server were re-installed on Windows server supported and the connectivity was successful and the PowerCenter session ran successfully.

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Based on information provided by the SequeLink Client application for example, a database user name and passworda database connection is established.

1 Using the ODBC Client

For example, to point to the default location of the file in the C shell, you would set this variable as follows:. When set to 0 the initial default sewuelink, the workaround is turned off.

The File DSN tab lists any file data sources in the specified directory. If the password is not expired, the previously described dialog box appears, prompting only for the host user name and host password. Empty string is the default value for attributes that use a string value unless otherwise noted. Connections to a data source can be made via a sequeelink string without referring to a data source name DSN-less connections.


Type the name of a server data source to use for the connection, sequelikn select one from hyy000 drop-down list. Once the connection information is retrieved, the SequeLink Client will connect directly to the specified SequeLink Server.

When set to 64, the result is a column name of C position where position is the ordinal position in the result set. Specifies the distinguished name identifying the LDAP entry from which connection information is retrieved. Type the host user name.

How to setup Filemaker ODBC client connection o | FileMaker Community

We strongly recommend that you do not configure an ODBC translator and rely on the native SequeLink transliteration between server and client code pages. This field is optional.

This option is recommended if you are using Microsoft Access against an Oracle8. If you want to use a connection string for connecting to a database, or if your application requires it, you must specify either a DSN data source name or a DSN-less connection in the string.

Short names are shown enclosed within parentheses. The value for this connection attribute should be set to the cumulative value of all chosen options added together.

Specifies a string that identifies an ODBC data source configuration. The dialog box that appears depends on whether the connection has been configured to connect directly to datadjrect SequeLink service or to retrieve connection information for the SequeLink service from a centralized LDAP directory.

FileMaker: [DataDirect][ODBC SequeLink driver][SequeLink Client]TCP/IP error, connection refused

You are returned to the list of drivers. An option should only be used to address the specific problem for which it was designed.


Please check with DataDirect support for the product compatibility of the newer version of the Progress driver with the SequeLink version. Click the Test Connect button to test the connection. For DBMSs that support only a single connection, the second attempt fails. This attribute uses a bitmask with the following options: Informatica Network Knowledge Base. A DSN connection string tells the driver where to find the default connection information.

When set to 0, the appropriate row is locked. Type the name of the file data source you want to create or click Browse to select an existing file data source; then, click Next.

ODBC Connection problems

Toggle navigation Network Home Informatica. This field is disabled when the data store does not recognize the concept of databases. This document resolved my issue This document did not resolve my issue This document helped but additional information was required to resolve my issue.

When the password has been changed successfully, the following warning is generated: The dialog boxes that appear depend on how authentication is configured for the SequeLink service.