Hi edgal, Did you found your way to compile the latest intel nic drivers into Freenas? Please leave feedback and questions below! And Yes it took a while with trial and error to figure out that the jail needs: My build environment is. That happened on the

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For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Have to do compole at home This should be a good starting point for your lnd, electrum, or btcpay servers.

Add a -f src option to just do a rebuild of buildkernel and buildworld. Now my problems are network related For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

However if I run another “make release” immediately afterwards, it completes fine, cmpile 5 other ports which are skipped due to the original failure.

The FreeBSD build guide on bitcoin’s github explains how to install the berkeley db 4. I’m sorry, I haven’t updated my original posting since the developers made some changes in the build process.

You must log in or register to reply here. Hi DL, Bug raised for instructions located at https: Could that be the issue?


Quick & dirty guide for compiling FreeNAS | FreeNAS Community

This loss of connection make the compilation process abort. When you look at the revision number, refer to this link https: Joined May 27, Messages Thanks 1. Durk, I’m not that smart when it comes to compiling FreeNAS but I am smart enough write a script making repetitive tasks easier freenaw myself.

Maybe if I understand I could help or at least learn from the experience?

If you use the script I created, it’s just easier. Intel t quad port nic FreeNAS Thread starter Bashern Start date Sep 16, Joined Jan 3, Messages 6 Thanks 0. You can cross compile the i version from an amd64 build host.

How to compile stuff for jail?

You don’t need to build, it will occur even if you just sit there, or so my experience has been. If you were to compile right this second that I’m writing this, you would frrenas compiling revwell beyond the 8.

I like to download the bootonly iso and complete the installation of the needed component freenzs ftp. It’s convenient to refer that ftp access should be enabled so we can get the compiled file out of the virtual machine. Joined May 31, Messages 76 Thanks 2.

Hello Rocktheroad, A jail is similar in many way to a real installation, so if you search for a guide, you should be able to compile stuff inside the jail.


Quick & dirty guide for compiling FreeNAS 9.10

Is it possible to on the command line create a new snapshot cokpile the root and just untar something onto the RFS? Hope to get some of your advised.

Thilo Oct 16, And unless you know git inside and out you are going to have a hell of a time recompiling FreeNAS. Compjle I still want to do the exercise because I also have some i FreeNAS 7 machines which suffer from the same limitation. It does work, after I added all possible rights freeas the jail, A VM? Instead of having jail instance with FreeBSD base build, I have added source tree to that build with csupand I got ports sources so I am able to compile stuff inside jail.

I went for safe route of adding applications to FreeNAS 8.