Graphic and Video Cards


Thanks so much for your post! However, if the problem does show up on the monitor, the video card within the laptop may be damaged. Since there is no pin joystick port called the “gameport” on the rear of the laptop or on the port replicator, you have to connect the joystick some other way. I happened to run into a site that On the Microsoft Webpage the had this short See the Pictures section to get a closer look. As for ram, if it takes EDO s. Let’s see if it works.

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In Windows Media Player, try improving performance by lowering the quality of the playback. Well, I received the iBook G4 yesterday, and have yet to name it.

Then again, I don’t use visualizations, I just want something to play music. I know of no workaround for this besides uninstalling ICS. If you had a choice, definitely go for the latter, especially the ones labeled “Model PA You get what you’re paying for. This siund the active display to about 9.

This combined with its MHz MMX processor, makes running video clips and graphics-intensive presentations a pleasure rather than a source of embarrassment. Also, you may run into problems with your audio controller due to lack of system resources, in which case you’ll have to disable some unnecessary ports in the BIOS and Device Manager like the printer and serial ports, soujd the infrared and replicator ports.


Dell Latitude Xpi CD User Manual

Here are a number of ways you can prolong the life of your XPi’s battery: Overall, you won’t mistake the sound from the XPi CD for a high-quality stereo system, but it’s more than adequate for multimedia use. This web site has been visited times since June 5, You can go up to x pixels using an external monitor. Usually it’s a software program or a hardware device that is preventing the standby process from initiating.

Try disabling ports in the BIOS and Device Manager that you don’t really need like the printer and serial ports, or the infrared and replicator ports. From multimedia design and presentation to database and project management, the XPi CD moves quickly and efficiently.

Dell Latitude XPi CD

The CPi models can use either 64 or meg chips. If the problem doesn’t reappear on the monitor, chances are it’s a bad LCD. If anyone knows how I can add USB 1. January 21, – 2: It’s a black skin fell green indicators – it was a remake of an 80’s Chysler Stereo.

Therefore, it is not a standard Serial KBD. I know someone in Chi who has.

The truth is I was prejudiced. Are you sure you are not refe.

Back to top Is there a difference between the and AC adapters? December 29, – 1: Well, the first thing you can do is to use latituse Dell Diagnostics Disk to figure out what the problem is you can download the utility from the Dell FTP site — you have to install it into a floppy — I use diaga. More modern systems solve this problem with anti-aliasing, or the smoothing over of the jagged edges, but this requires faster video cards equipped with a lot laatitude memory, and unfortunately, the XPi CD does not have this.


Create new account Request new password. Connecting externally powered speakers makes a noticeable improvement in both volume and fidelity without affecting the reverb.

Dell Latitude XPi CD MMX Unofficial Information Center | Faq

Well I hit a bump. However, if the problem does show up on the monitor, the video card within the laptop may be damaged. And the time is now BeOS on the XPi. If its the series i’m thinking of, you can upgrade the unit even if its an old mhz all the way to a pentium 2 mhz or a celeron mhz.