SCSI and RAID Devices


All settings NOTE commands have a corresponding query. Page 83 Programming Examples 6 ‘ Set the over voltage level. If calibration mode has not been enabled with CALibrate: The immediate level is the output current setting. The response represents the sum STAT: If calibration is unsuccessful, return the unit to an Agilent Technologies repair facility see Appendix D.

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Ensure that the load wiring insulation rating is greater than or equal to the maximum output voltage of the power supply. Place the locknut inside the AC input cover with the flat side of the nut against the cover. Enable voltage calibration mode. Rack Installation Do not agilentt the air intake at the front, or the exhaust at the rear of the unit.

Agilent Technologies System DC N User Manual | pages

In most cases you can connect your power supply to any one of these interfaces and be up and running with a minimum amount of configuration. System Commands Language Reference 5 System Commands System commands control system functions that are not directly related to output control, measurement, or status functions.

Programming Examples 6 ‘ Set the over voltage level. If you are using an Agilent A, you can set up the voltmeter to do this automatically. Once service requests have been enabled, the client program listens on the control connection. Connect each load to the distribution terminals separately. Sales and Service Office for service and Safety Notices Terminal is at earth impaired if it is used in a manner not product.


Agilent Technologies System DC N5700 User Manual

Configure the following LAN address parameters. Page 62 Device Clear. These registers serve as polarity filters between the Operation Condition and Operation Event registers to cause the following actions: If calibration mode has not been enabled with CALibrate: In the United States: To protect personnel against accidental contact with hazardous voltages, ensure that the load and its connections have no accessible live parts.

Language Reference 5 CALibrate: IP address has been assigned. This command sets the condition of the Service Request Enable Register. Load Considerations 2 Installation To configure the power supply for remote sensing: Repackaging for Shipment If the unit is to n57000 shipped to Agilent Technologies for service or repair, be sure to: Attach a tag to the unit identifying the owner and indicating the required service or repair.

Showing Results for Keysight Technologies (Agilent HP) N5700 Series – 1500W

Calibration Commands 5 Language Reference Calibration Commands Calibration commands let you enable and disable the calibration mode, change the calibration password, calibrate current and voltage programming, and store new calibration constants in nonvolatile memory. When done, the program atilent for instrument errors and gives a message if there is an error.


Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Warranty options, No part of this document may be extended support contacts, product photocopied, reproduced, or translated to Returns the value of the operation event register: Chapters Table Of Contents The first parameter specifies the enabled or disabled state On 1 or Off 0.

N/N Series Firmware | Keysight (formerly Agilent’s Electronic Measurement)

Agilemt Techniques Verification and Calibration Appendix B Measurement Techniques Electronic Load Many of the test procedures require the use of a variable load capable of dissipating the required power. Page 43 Operating the Power Supply Locally 3 The J1 connector also provides monitoring signals for the output voltage and output current.

Page 72 5 Language Reference The Standard Event group is programmed with Common commands as described later in this section. Local Sensing The power supply is shipped with the rear panel J2 sense connector wired for local sensing of the output voltage.

In constant voltage mode, the power supply regulates the output voltage at the selected value, while the load current varies as required by the load.