ACN All rights reserved. There is also an additional entry which lists the total Max number of 12d Model licenses on all the listed network dongles and the number of licenses not being used Free. June Copyright Nortel Networks. Virtual Appliance for VMware Server. Wibu network dongle; access Wibu or Hardlock single-user dongles first. If you need to generate the.

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On all other computers that will run 12d Model but do not have any Wibu network dongles attached i. No part of this document shall be reproduced or transmitted by any means or otherwise, without written permission.

This software allows the computer to interactively monitor wlbu use of the Wibu Servers.

All brand names or trademarks are the property of their respective owners. On a stand-alone computer 2.

If there was a problem with wibj update an error dialogue will appear instead of the dialogue stating that the WIBU-BOX has been updated. You will need to make note of your current settings default directories, etc. However in the case of a problem, you may be asked to generate the. So if a Wibu network dongle is introduced, all the computers that are currently running 12d Model with a Wibu single-user dongle will not need Wibu drivers installed.


Wibu network dongle; access Wibu or Hardlock single-user dongles first. Virgil Stevens 3 years ago Views: In V10, the default place for User is c: Manually Updating the Licenses with the.

The default folder for the nodes. On a network using Group Policy 3.

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Network Computing More information. Clicking on the user name, displays information about the user. Attach the Dongle Attaching the Dongle: Reproduction in any manner More information.

Under the copyright laws, this guide cannot be reproduced. The Wibu Network Monitor can be used to check the number of licenses now available. Updating from Spectra 7.

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If the Wibu Server resides in a different subnet behind a router or the Wibu Server is programmed not respond to the broadcast messages, the Wibu Client must be given the IP address or computer name of the Wibu Server.

Since the dongle drivers have already been loaded onto your computer, when the USB dongle is attached to a new USB port, it will be recognised as new hardware and Windows should automatically winu the correct dongle driver. You need to wibj System Administrator rights to update the Wibu network dongle.


To install a printer on your network using D-Link Print Server or DI-series router with built-in print server you do not need to. Computer name of user Information on this user of the dongle When there is more than Wibu Server i. Certifying Codemeters The Codemeter needs to be Certified over the Internet before it can be used, and re-certified every days. Please contact your 12d Reseller if you have problems. This guide applies to the following models. Now in the env.

If you already have a Wibu network dongle and are replacing it by a new Wibu network dongle, please go the section Step 2a: Under the copyright laws, this guide cannot be reproduced More information. Click Yes and the dialogue to say the Wibu dongle has been updated should appear. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval More information.

Tick on “Browse network at startup” and tick on “Enable autorefresh” and sent the “Refresh time” to a non-zero value, say 10 seconds.