I wanted to set up sata on my MSI motherboard computer so i could read a damaged drive that is having issues from another computer and save the data. I did try the Ubuntu cd with ASUS and was impressed with it, but running computer with it, it showed drive but did not let me access it so it must be down for the count. If you never installed the drivers then no SATA until you do. Yup, please specify exactly which K7N2 Delta model because if it does have the Promise controller it needs the drivers to use SATA even when only one drive is being used. I tried a Jumper on pin 1,2 to make it a slave I did not think I had to put jumpers on for sata but tried anyway with no luck. Home Help Search Login Register.

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I just need to get it working so I can try a few programs I have to extract data off of bad hard drives. You will need to set up single drive RAID 0 array. The book is telling me after reboot I have to format the drive which is what I do not want to do.

You guys are really the best. I did take note having the new drive set up in an array and then taking it out again did not cause any issues and it looks like it will switch back and forth. Home Help Search Login Register.

[M] MSI K7N2 Delta2 Platinum Athlon XP nForce2 Review

The first one with the 3 ide. Activating it will in plain language make the connection ports on the board active for ser1 or ser2, correct?


I tried to attach it to my trusty K7N2 board on my personal computer and do a check on the disk and zata if I can get back any data which is very precious. Your computing wife will need another disk, so you could wait and attach the suspected drive later to her system.

One option is to hit ctrl-Y to save this k7h2 which i am guessing to do. Have your computing friend in life gotten herself a new disk yet? Double check ‘Drive Assignment’ that it shows: You will then need to settle which disk to boot from – not a big issue.

And making the single drive false raid 0 array would be done in the advanced bios settings? In device manager it shows a Promise device SCSI disk device which is the drive and says working properly but does not treat it as a drive where I can access it to take a look at the files on it even though it says it is working properly. SATA drivers and if so where would I find them? Best thing after that would be to burn the important files to optical disc s as soon as possible.

I also like the suggestion of the linux way of trying to save some files. To get the ser1 input to work by doing this array thing seems to be confusing or am Satw not setting up the array correctly? Looks like you have it right, save it and you should be able to read and retrieve data from the drive after that.

MSI K7N2 Delta2 Platinum Athlon XP nForce2 Review

Sorry for being so newbie on the questions. I mxi the disk is SATA 2. Can I install drives with a disk or usb stick?


Mas with the drive model listed which is the bad drive I want to access, the capacity of the drive which is correct and Assignment N. If booting off the disk is not ssata I don’t think you need floppy, and I understood mdi like you wanted an emergency back-up with the data over to Daddy’s disk.

And none of those options after entering them has promise Raid. Also took note the drive while plugged into power was very warm to the touch.

If you don’t do that you will not even be able to read the drive. Thinking I had to install a new drive no matter what, I ssta a new sata drive and went into the array setup and was able to add it as a drive and recognize it. Obviously if the hard drive is not recognised it might be dead or sqta.

Concern is the drive may be to large but I think I had larger drives on machine in the past.

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Ok, set it up in the array settings on boot. MSI is earthquakingly slow today, so I have trouble being more specific. It is said max GB, but if it can handle that it should be able to handle bigger disks, too.

I have not yet been able to find a guide, just the Issue there is you access this in Auto set up Option 1 under mso fastbuild utility Main Menu.