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Install a new hard drive. Default Initialization Default initialization mode. Set Factory Defaults Restore factory settings. Drive roaming can be implemented only when the server system is powered off. Power status of the hard drive. Status of virtual drive data protection. This enables data to be written in batches.

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BIOS status To set this parameter: Data You have backed up data on hard drives. A message is displayed prompting you to restart the system.

Drives Number of hard drives. Select this parameter and press Enter. Does not affect the Read Ahead function.

The RAID controller card updates data to hard drives after data is accumulated to some extent in the cache. This allows data to be written in sa. View drive group properties. Delete the hot spare drive. The controller BIOS suspends the startup if it detects an exception and continues the startup if no user confirmation is obtained after a period of time.


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The main protection scenarios are as follows:. The stripe width equals the number of physical drives in a RAID array. Capacity of the virtual drive.

View cache and memory ldi about the controller To open: Current capacity of the virtual drive. Enter a Percentage of Available Capacity Capacity expansion percentage. Maintain Drive Fail History.

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For a RAID 0 array, data cannot be restored. Specify whether caching is supported. Select an operation and press Enter.

Parity or image data is automatically written into a newly created virtual drive. Specify whether drive protection is supported. RAID controller cards support three levels of secure data erasure functions for virtual drives or hard drives:.

PCI slot number of the controller. If the power failure protection device is available, write hole data is recovered after a restart.

Status Current running status of the virtual drive.


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On the CMC remote virtual console, restart the server node. No power provided for the cache Steady Green: Displays advanced properties of the virtual drive.

Select an option and press Enter. Used space of the hard drive.

Delete the virtual drive. Capacity Allocation Capacity of the drive group. If a virtual drive does not occupy the entire capacity of all its member hard drives, expand the virtual drive capacity by adjusting the available virtual drive space.