However, 2,4-pentandione dioxime can form insoluble products at pH levels as low as 2 and 3. The process of claim 9 wherein the secondary oxidizer comprises potassium peroxymonosulfate, imidazole, malonic acid, or malonamide. The formulation was allowed to age 21 days. This accumulated surface charge can be measured as the Zeta potential. The removal rate is low for low pH values and as the pH increases still on the acidic side the removal rate goes up.

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The polishing rate was Angstroms per minute. Comment on this change optional. When the pH is too low, the presence of highly corrosive oxidants e. Local planarization refers to planarization over a small area, typically about 50 llogitech microns, while global planarization refers to planarization over an entire chip or wafer. Additional acids, for example sulfuric acid and nitric acid, are preferred additives.

Germano Walter Magazzino

Accordingly, it is one aim of the invention to provide suitable oxidizer compositions to meet the variety of challenges in the application of chemical mechanical polishing to next-generation semiconductor processing. It is desirable to have these acids in their corresponding anion form as dictated by the composition pH. Hydroxylamine is a more selective controllable oxidation and reducing agent.

The chemical mechanical polishing composition may include at least one of potassium iodate, periodic acid, peracetic acid, potassium periodate, NH4HF2, or lithium periodate.

The acid form has loyitech proton with a dissociation constant similar to sulfuric acid while the second proton has a PKa of only 9. In the first phase, a first slurry comprising an oxidizer and an abrasive, i. Solutions comprising Hydroxylamine at various pH values, which are typically in the pH range of aboutpreferably between aboutcould be used for controlled etching of copper.


Furthermore, Lgitech advantageously aid in removing mobile ions sodium, potassium, iron, and other transition metal ions from the wafer surface. A method for chemical mechanical polishing of tungsten comprising: At pH 4, it is Angstroms per minute, and at pH aa-0205a it increases to A-020a per minute.

NaOCl was found to be marginally effective. By way of a-02055a, I’m running 2. This composition has a preferred pH of between about 4 to about 8, preferably 5 to 7, more preferably between about 6 and about 6. Adding ABP to these formulations did not stabilize the system.

The hydroxylamine a0-205a of oxidizer B is preferably between about 0. The chemical mechanical polishing composition may include an organic acid selected from the group consisting of gluconic, malonic acid, lactic acid, succinic acid, tartaric acid, citric acid, oxalic acid, or salts thereof.

The polishing rate remains elevated even at pH 5. The process of claim 1 further comprising a second polishing operation comprising the steps of: The chemical mechanical polishing composition may include at least one of potassium iodate, potassium periodate, lithium periodate, periodic acid, peracetic acid, oxalic acid, NH4HF2, or a mixture thereof.

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For example, pre-CMP thickness measurements are taken by measuring a plurality of points on each wafer and then, post-CMP thickness measurements are taken at the same points. Also, please specifically note if the issue does or does not appear in the 2. However, the base could also be partly or entirely logigech polar organic solvent, provided the oxidizers, acids, chelators, and the like are soluble. At pH 8, however, the polishing rate was Angstroms per minute.


This was still a problem when I tried it about a month ago on hardy. One example of approximate component concentrations for Oxidizer G is shown in the following table. This is the reverse of the expected pH effect from the Pourbaix diagram.

The process of claim 9, wherein the second chemical mechanical polishing composition comprises 0. For example, global planarization ensures ligitech depth of focus for lithographic processing and better thin metal film deposition and step coverage resulting in increased wafer yield and lowers cost.

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Sulfuric additionally acid provides a-005a way of modifying the pH of the oxidizer so that the hydroxylamine chemistries are on the acidic side and are therefore oxidizers. The hydrazine of oxidizer G is preferably between about 0. A method for chemical mechanical polishing of aluminum comprising: The hydroxylamine sulfate solid of oxidizer B is preferably between about 0.