Wait a moment, and take a look at following issues:. Spread the word about Kexi! Package status for Kexi in Gentoo. Kexi – “MS Access for Linux” I would first try importing one table at least and see how it goes. Updated kexi only a few days behind releases.

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ubuntu1 : kexi-mdb-plugin : i : Jaunty () : Ubuntu

So what can we do? So double boot it’ll stay for some time coming Maybe play with a copy of the database to see what you could work out, but I think, unless you want to migrate it to a MySQL database or move everyone to OpenOffice there is a windows version.

KexiDB driver is planned first, read-only versions jdb be developed. You can donate jdb Kexi Project: It’s also possible to use Kexi 1.

MDB (MS Access file) Driver Development

Note that the Kexi Team is not responsible for quality of 3rd-party binary packages. I recently had a similar problem. Additionally, when updates to md hit the repository you will get notified in the system tray, etc. Proposed solution is to turn our forces to improve migration tools using Kexi migration API and tools. Others punch in the data – in Access btw – msb I can’t see them moving from Windows mdn Ubuntu in a flash, to be realistic.


This is a more recent release of Kexi that the default installation, but the package has received less testing.

It sounds as if you are trying to convert the whole database from access into another program kexi or OO Base. Importing queries, forms, reports and web pages is not yet supported. As for the import, what are you trying to import. Currently, importing table schemas and data is supported using import driver MS Access data types are carefully mapped to Kexi data types from. I develop and maintain loads of Access databases here as part ,db my job.

Kexi Packages for Linux and BSD

I think I have to kiss that one good bye for the time being and make my peace with VirtualBox. And I agree with you, never give in What version of Access is the database in now? What’s wrong with in-place read-write accessing.

I believe it will open mdb files as it is. All I see is 3 lines of gibberish. Front Page [info] [diff] [login] [recent changes] [most popular].

This should simplify writing other drivers to be developed outside KexiDB, and result in configure tests that can be reused in other projects that need to use KexiDB. Wait a moment, and take a look at following issues:. Note that the script uses the KDE’s anonymous Subversion server.


I had to rewrite the queries and krxi the forms but that wasn’t really as bad as it sounds and not much different from doing it the first time in Access. I have used it a little I design databases at work in MS Access and find it is very much like access.

Employed in a loop using VBA can export all the objects in one go except tables, as already mentioned. This is because koffice-libs it not installed on your ubuntu install. To install it, use the following command, before running emerge:. You will see grayed names of classes and members.

There is undocumented feature in MSA allowing to import and export full definition of a single object to a file. I would first try importing one table at least and see how it goes. Any changes you were to make via open office could make for a terrible mess.

I have not tried it myself but it is doubtful you can do that and have it all work.