If you have a query concerning some aspect of programming or some technical difficulty, please give sufficient information and make your question specific. Held like a normal pen, it has a ball at the tip and features dpi resolution. Features include fast smooth multicoloured characters, excellent sound effects, background music. The rest is up to you. Not only are they strong and easily stored, they give lOOKper side, and you simply flipthem over in the same way as a music cassette. HL is entertaining for a while, if you don’t mind dodgy sprites and those annoying Lord Of Infinity noises, After a while though it becomes boring and ends up being too repetitive without any real reward, The novelty wears off and soon you really don’t care whether the show is booked, the ice cream shop is empty or Joe’s cafe is filthy.

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Your browser is no longer supported. I’m st uck trying to find Larry in the bamboo forest. This con- trols which 3D position the texture will be mapped tlpnote the object.

It is entirely self contained and so does not require a utilities disc to function. One thing that struck me is that the French Amiga community seems approxi- mately half way between the English and German markets in its use of the Amiga, While Germany is well known moedm its high end tech- nical Amiga market and the UK is more low key lots of A s run- ning games for example the French used expensive systems with low end software, Iipc around the show there were far more A40QQTs to be seen than other models, and these were for the most part equipped with fairly expensive peripherals – CD-ROM drives, large monitors, and Syquest drives ipf almost common but in general they were running low key software -Adorage etc, UghtWave and the like were notable by their absence, Elsewhere, Cuda and Adept shared the biggest stand of the show to demonstrate and sell several new products.


Topmote PM2 Extra they’ve really gone to town, with higher resolu- tion rendered laptops and secre- taries. The programmers must tie litness fanatics.

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VillageTronic’s Ariadne Ethernet board also has a spare parallel port and is v with a Liana compatible driver. Seguences of colours and sounds teaches a child to concentrate. To get speed and frame rate up to scratch you will lpc be able to play it with dithering on a standard Abut it still looks very good, if a little too much like Virtual KarXing for some people in this office.

This is a superb function that makes find- ing and handling files a doddle with far less shuffling in and out of directories. So either upgrade or stop complaining, Split screen Although there will be a serial link option available in the finished product, it has been disabled in this demo. Please send me by post, if not with drives: Perfect to transfer disk games lo hard drive lo load in seconds!!

The party began instanta- neously.

Imagine Objects, networking software and example code for Amiga E. Wow click on the Install CU Tools icon. If you’re all connected up, why not spend some quality leisure time blowing up aliens and other creatures. A fascinating idea which I’m sure will have many other applications.

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Now the marks for each of the three subjects need to be entered This can be done in two ways. Then a small white-shirted hooligan appears and, using a joystick you can walk him or run him around. It seems that Digita are all ears. This will not be a problem when your program works per- fectly, but will be infuriating while develop- ing and testing it. Ilc you are not yet one of these people, I suggest a look at a good book on assembly language for the BBC micro or Electron, fvlodesty forbids me to name my recommendation: PM3 is a mode of halfway house between the text manager and the colourful likes of On The Ball.


So much so that it’s possible to have several machines browsing the WWW and chatting on the Internet Relay Chat IRC ail at the same time, though of course, the speed will be limited by the host Amiga’s connection to the Internet. The board is dimensioned ensuring clearance of components with adequate ventilation.

IPC Spareparts FAX Modem Karte Board Modul Platine TopNote F NYY Notebook

But Breed had a dark atmosphere to it. We’ve found room on the cover disks this month to I include lots of little bits and pieces as well as the main Texture Studio program, because we know you’re not just interested in one thing.

In the next article I will deal with the use of EQUS in topmote and conditional assembly, and in the last with advanced uses of OPT and where to locate machine code. This well written program using high tkpnote graphics offers timed tests on the geography of Great Britain.

The components on the circuit board are attacking the CPU. The author has taken tull advantage ot the available resolution and colour. Befora fie Cafe ard 1th diH. Unlike other platforms, those first genera- tion Amigas are still useful in their own right, Many a Mdoem 1.