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I’ve tried at least 7 other keyboards but none have come close to the spacesaver II. But good ol’ Mr. Typically, they do not have much key travel, and the key action isn’t responsive. I’ve used the the Goldtouch ergonomic split key keyboard for a long time http: The worst ones are the desktop keyboards. Mark Healey at July 17, Ivan at January 29,

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Cole at August 17, It was not an excellent keyboard, but it was a step in the right direction, and it opened my eyes to the issues. Gia at May 23, I do not see any other options for Pointing Devices.

I cannot believe manufacturers ksyboard this stupid.

IBM SpaceSaver II – keyboard Series

I’ve finally settled on the Benq A Australian versionwhich may be marketed as X in some countries. Manufacturers have never looked back. The only problemwhich is quite trivialis that its batteries run out almost every week!

I really wanted it to work but something in the power ib, radio circuitry is too iffy for real usage. Rick at May 20, I can really use it the way I would use a Selectric.


IBM Space Saver II Trackpoint Keyboard FRU 37l0888 Ps2

I wish they didnt. When I type really fast on a computer keyboard I cannot hear the different keys being struck.

I have ToggleKeys accessibilty feature spacesavrr on beeps when NumLock, ScrollLock are hitwhich helps tremendously, as that gives me immediate feedback when I reach for Home and hit NumLock instead.

These keys only work really smoothly on a lot of keyboards if you press them in the very middle.

This is the adapter I am using: I’ve got about 6 keyboards lying around, the byproduct of the endless search for one that has keys that don’t stick, especially the shift and enter.

I tried the Logitech diNovo cordless desktop keyboard. Of course, the thing that keybiard me nuts about the key is that it is laid out differently from a phone.

Ina at November 8, Ahmed at Spacrsaver 23, It also serves as a 2-port USB hub. Tejas I like tactile, clicky, switches. Moving the mouse closer and using the Trackpoint quite a bit has done the trick. My specifications are simple:. Its a model and i think IBM discontinued the line. Rick at July 10, This includes DOuble CAps and mised double leters.


IBM Space Saver II Trackpoint Keyboard FRU 37l Ps2 | eBay

Rick at December 10, I have looked for a replacement but to my astonishment all the other keyboards out there without number pads seem to be based on laptops and not desktops. Just remap them, it’s easy and free, I always remap at least 6 keys on all my pcs. If you find a keyboard you really like, I would suggest buying a couple backups in case of failures. But you know what: If you have limited desk space, or if you can not comfortably reach that far for your mouse, you end up shifting your keyboard to the left.

I have been searching for the perfect keyboard for years, and am currently using an MS Natural but the ctrl key placement is causing me grief.