Horizontal tab positions are set with ESC D. When the amount of data exceeds the capacity left in the range defined by xL, xH, yL, yH, the printer processes xL, xH, yL, yH out of the defined range. In this case, as opposed to the RS serial interface specifications, real-time interruptions from the printer to the host are disabled, and thus precautions must be taken for the following: B only in sizes of the parts installed. The left margin can be ….. The reference starting position is that specified by ESC T. In page mode, the horizontal or vertical motion unit differs as follows, depending on the starting point of the printing area:

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Start of line The start of line state satisfies the following conditions: When the printer becomes BUSY during processing of this command, its prohibited to transmit tull. Paper empty If this switch is turned on, the printer clears the receive buffer when the offline status shown above occurs.

Sets adjustment values s for the printer operations specified by a.

Paper feeding using the paper FEED button cannot be performed under the following conditions: The connector on the PS side is recommended to be designed to secured to the case from the upper side or the lower side. It is possible to select multiple sensors to output signals.

Epson M-TIIAF: 80mm, 24V, Full Auto Cutter – Epson

When this state is not available, the host shall enter the Reverse Mode to constantly monitor the presence of data. The tt500 width is memorized for each standard and page mode.


When the head t500 Provides important information on setting and using the printer command, if necessary. Power-on process when the hardware reset is executed by the interface reset?

80mm Thermal printer head + control panel EPSON M-T BA-T – China

Only a value setting is possible. Equipped with a connector for the interface. At the factory setting, the print starting position and the cutting position are set to the head position and the cutter position respectively when the BM sensor detects the BM.

This is possible only when the ESC W command has specified printable-area dots in the y direction and the printing direction value of n in the ESC T command is 1 or 3. Status signals exceeding this capacity will be discarded. Your email address or other details will never be shared with any 3rd parties and you will receive only the type of content for which you signed up.

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This command cancels the previous horizontal tab settings. Gives the default values, if any, for the command parameters. When an error has occurred.

Becomes on when the paper end sensor detects paper end and printing stops. Therefore, there may occur time delay for the execution of this command after the BA-T receives this command.

This command operates as follows, depending on the starting position of the printing area specified by ESC T: Memory area to be stored at the initial setting: The print control mode which is specified with 0, 48 is same as the print head energizing mode. If the data will be written in the user NV memory which are already written with the same data, the data saving process is not executed.


Function 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Default print control mode Backward paper feeding Autocutter installation Specific offline operation Backward paper feeding epsn Test print when the paper is loaded Initialization for black mark position when the power is turned on. The line spacing in Figure 3. This command performs only definition of an NV bit image and does not perform printing.

In standard mode, the horizontal motion unit is used. Therefore, ESC can be included in the contents of the macro definition. The setting values can be checked by executing the self-test.

Epson M-T500 Series

The printer does not …. Characters can be scaled up to 64 times as large as the standard sizes. Transmit data Hex Decimal Number of data 37H 55 1 byte? This command does not affect the setting b Kanji characters.