In addition, the board flexes noticeably with even light typing pressure. All descriptions are from right to left. The newly upgraded Razer Blade is the perfect laptop for undercover gaming. The main focus of the HEL80 is performance while still retaining some portability and battery life. The keyboard stays an even temperature in all places.

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HP Spectre x 13 late Conclusion The HEL80 is one of the best built notebooks currently on the market, and is an ideal, mid-range system for gamers and power users with a need for portability.

Lapgop view view large image The touchpad is nice. The HEL80 also has media buttons, both above and to the left of the keyboard.

NVIDIA Graphics Card Gf-go7600-n-a2 256mb for El80 Laptop Ls-3167p

Before using the HEL80, I had always thought fingerprint readers to be more of a novelty than anything, but after using one myself, I never realized how useful lapttop are. A dual-layer DVD burner rounds out the feature set.

The only warm spots on the HEL80 are the touchpad and the area to the left of it. Best Laptops for It also detects if you are typing in a password in web pages, so those can be remembered as well. The HEL80 has one large fan in the upper left corner of the notebook. Even though the video card is underclocked in comparison to other notebooks, performance is still high enough to post comfortable framerates in the latest games. S-video, lock slot, 56k modem, fan exhaust, AC power plug.


Micro Express EL80 review: Micro Express EL80 – CNET

The HEL80 is also configurable with internal Bluetooth wireless, a very worthwhile option if you have Bluetooth-enabled devices or plan to buy some, such as PDAs, cell phones, or even other computers. Media front view large image. Latpop I said previously, gamers will want to have 2GB to have the best experience. Compal HEL80 keyboard view large image. The system is a joy to use, and I received a compliment from everyone I showed it to. The mouse buttons are large and e,80 good travel; a fingerprint reader sits between them.

Left side view of HEL80 view large image.

The touchpad is nice. I found this to be very impressive for a notebook with a Although the battery is extended beyond the back of the notebook, it did not hamper travel.

With a silver lid and a black case, the EL80 from Micro Express, a small manufacturer that specializes in both preconfigured and custom-built desktops and laptops, could almost pass for a laptop from Dell or Toshiba.


Touchpad view view large image.

The newly upgraded Razer Blade is the perfect laptop for undercover gaming. Micro Express EL80 review: In between the buttons is the fingerprint reader. We like the lapyop cover for the 1. Back view of HEL80 view large image.

NVIDIA Graphics Card Gf-gon-a2 mb for El80 Laptop Lsp | eBay

The battery life of the HEL80 is one of its many strengths. The cooling system does a commendable job of keeping the system cool. Source Video Stress Test Settings: We delete comments that violate our policywhich we encourage you to read.

Yes — the Function Fn and Control Ctrl are switched. The keyboard stays an even temperature in all places.