This way we installed a generic DeskJet driver, which works all right in all the circumstances. You have two options to do that: DOS2USB extends the printing ability of dos programs by capturing ms-dos print jobs and redirecting them to windows printer irrespective of printer types including USB printers, network printers, print-servers, and PDF-printers. Click here for the instructions about how to install a new font. In that case DOSPrinter fits the text width automatically to the paper width.

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No extra setting required.

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Now DOSPrinter copies the pages by itself. Does exactly what is promised, other than an occasional corruption in the printing. If an ESC”switches” sequence is found at the beginning of the file, it affects the current file and next ones.

This are currently supported languages: Today there are still a lot of old good DOS programs perfectly working on modern Windows computers, but they simply cannot directly access USB devices for the dps2usb above.

DOS2USB : Print from, DOS ( LPT1 or PRN ), to any USB/Windows, printer

It is proportionally prolonged when the file changes during the delay. Free Lifetime upgrade to new versions. If you have to reformat your HD because of a virus, you have to buy a new license. Increase this number for more efficient guarding of the focus, or decrease it for faster DOSPrinter response. Put inside the text to print this sequence: Windows 8 is backward compatible with older version 3 drivers, so your old printer model will work on Win8.


After the file s has changed, DOSPrinter prints out this changed file s. Select type of offense: Build-in remote assistance support so that you doesn’t need any third-pary utility for the remote assistance. Facebook on 14 reviews: The printout is sent as an attachment in the EMF enhanced metafile format by default.

Here are some comments about barcode characters: Pros Look for other similar products with better support Cons Do not buy it. As we told you above, a DOS program simply sends a data flow to an LPT port, expecting a real printer is connected there.

I even sent them a copy of the shipping invoice for the still under warrenty hard drive and still no response.

Bhaktee Software – Product – DOS2USB

The default font is “Courier New”. Download bit version of DOSPrinter for that case. If you specify the margin lesser than the printer’s physical mechanical margin is, the value of n.

If using English you can delete the file Language. This switch cuts the large reports in multiple spool jobs.


There is a form of this command to help you with that. Then click on Shared as. Fixed the bug with bad jpg image in PDF file under Windows 7 – 64 bit. By default DOSPrinter works with proportional mode turned off works in fixed pitch mode.

The human readable characters are not added by DOSPrinter if bit 2 is 0: Summary Product not stable. Delay printing for nn seconds.

Display the “select destination dialog” before printing the file. I emailed the company who promptly advised me to send the system key to get a new registration. Dosu2sb can be in any combination and sequence.