It looks more like a video game or a set piece from a science-fiction movie than the user interfaces we’re accustomed to seeing on other digicam menus. We clocked the QV at only 2. That’s a transfer speed of Kbytes per second! While we generally like to see the LCD be as close to percent accuracy as possible for our own work which requires very precise framing , we recognize that the QV’s consistency probably makes it easier for most users to estimate what’s in the frame and what isn’t. This minimum coverage is about in the middle of the current range of two megapixel cameras. That’s full manual control — I wonder why they don’t market this feature?

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Category:Taken with Casio QV-2000UX

Shot to shot cycle time in “Quick” shutter mode was quite fast, running about 2. Design The QV features a relatively compact design with only minor protrusions. Everything is well marked and reasonably well placed, although one-handed operation would be a bit of a stretch.

It also features a nice, flat bottom, although the placement of the tripod mount and battery compartment make it impossible to change batteries while mounted to a tripod. Note that the slow shutter speed also causes the LCD monitor to refresh very slowly, meaning that the image you see may not be the same as the image recorded.

You stop recording by hitting the shutter button a second time and the camera writes it to the media.

Digital Camera Resource Page Review: Casio QVUX

Overall, the QV’s strongest point is the unusual level of control it provides over exposure parameters, offering unusually fine aperture resolution, full-program, aperture-priority, and shutter-priority metering, and even a “hidden” full-manual exposure mode. I guess I’m supposed to feel lucky to live in such a nice place!


Exposure Compensation EV You can manually adjust the exposure of an image to compensate for bright white objects, backlit subjects, dark backgrounds, etc. Senior Editor Barney Britton’s pick this year is the camera that he describes as “close to perfect” for the kind of photography he does. There are a lot of modes to cover: The camera automatically adjusts the shutter speed to correspond with the aperture.

Although the placement of the controls doesn’t allow for one handed operation, the buttons are well laid out and marked. Note that the flash is disabled during movie recording and the Past selection gives you only about 10 seconds of record time times vary, of course, depending on CompactFlash space.

PC Watch post a samples gallery from the Casio QVUX: Digital Photography Review

Pressing the Menu button in this mode pulls up the same qv-2000hx as in Program mode with the exception of the Contrast option, which is not available in this mode. The four different card browser formats let you choose how much information is recorded with each image a very detailed chart in the manual explains the settings.

It’s hard to explain, but easy to do. Continuous Recording The Continuous Recording function allows you to record up to six images at intervals of around 0. You can now access extended shutter speeds out to 16 seconds.

The QV’s viewfinder systems are interesting in that the optical and LCD viewfinders agree very closely with each other: An AC adapter comes with the camera also, useful for saving battery power when playing back images or downloading.

Program gives the camera full control over exposure settings like aperture and shutter speed, although you can make exposure adjustments using the left and right arrow buttons as described above.


Owners manuals for camera Soft camera case The camera reminds me of the Olympus DZ [see our review ]: In our own tests, the Microdrive worked fine with the Q, although the “Quick Shutter” option didn’t appear to be operative when a Microdrive was being used.

Like the SX, there are two different styles of menu: In Playback mode, selects which folder you acsio like to play back. We like the provision of a 2 second self-timer option, which is very handy for avoiding camera shake when working with long exposures on a tripod, especially in macro shooting situations.

While we like the way the sliding cover qv-2000uc the lens when closed, we weren’t keen on the design of the track that the cover slides on: You can use the flash for a slow synchro recording effect.

The Wacom Intuos Pro is a workflow-boosting machine. Size wise, it measures 5. Check out the sample photos in our photo gallery! This viewfinder has diopter correction, by the way.

Casio QV-2000UX/Ir (1999)

Want to manually focus? While qv-2000ux generally like to see the LCD be as close to percent accuracy as possible for our own work which qvv-2000ux very precise framingwe recognize that the QV’s consistency probably makes it easier for most users to estimate what’s in the frame and what isn’t.

Menu Button Located on the top left hand side of the camera’s back panel, this button is marked with the word ‘Menu’ in gray.