A detailed instruction is delivered with the kit. The License section contains information on all currently valid licenses. Please note that the software synchronization must be disabled see Vector Hardware Config General information Settings Software time synchronization if the hardware synchronization is used. Vector Informatik GmbH; Description: To compensate these time stamp deviations between the Vector network interfaces, the time stamps can be either synchronized by software or by hardware see next section. Start the test by pressing the button [Start Test]. Insert the replacement Piggyback.

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If the Windows found new Hardware wizard appears, select the option for automatic driver search to complete the installation Version 5.

Independent time stamps drift apart. Additional details of available channels are blt in a tree view. Then the main board is inserted into the upper guide rails with the Piggybacks facing upward.

It is also possible to receive and analyze Remote Frames without any limitations.

Vector CANcaseXL User manual |

This impairs accuracy of the time system. You will find mounting location 1 Channel 1 at the center of the PC-board and mounting location 2 Channel 2 at the bif of the PC-board. Further information can be found in the accessories manual on the driver CD. Further information on the synchronization can be found in section Time Synchronization on page Time stamps are generated for each channel in the Vector network interface.


General notes canxasexl Notes on the documentation. To remove the SD card push it into the holder slot a little bit until it unlatches then let it go and it will spring out of its latched position. For information on installing transceivers please refer to section Replacing Piggybacks on page Cancasexl driver cancasexp 7.

This symbol warns you not to edit the specified file Version 5. If no error messages occur, the operating test was successful Version 5. Click [Install] to execute the driver installation, or [Uninstall] to remove existing drivers. Device is in Interface Mode without SD card.

The tool gives but information on the connected and installed Vector devices. The initialization process starts. This guide shows you how to set-up and More information. In the driver selection dialog select your devices to be installed or to be uninstalled. In Interface Mode, the SD card cannot be accessed if bus activities take place or if an application accesses the device.

Automotive vehicle busses, protocols and customized interfaces in driver. If you have already inserted or connected the device to the PC, the Windows found new Hardware wizard cancaxexl.


Manual. CANcaseXL CANcaseXL log. Version English – PDF

Step-by-step instructions provide assistance at these points. The following procedures describe installing More information. It should be possible to slide the main board in the housing up to a few millimeters from the end without forcing it in. Laboratory Course Industrial Automation.

In some situations, e.

Read this manual carefully before using your printer. No part of this manual may be reproduced in any form or by any means without the written permission of the publisher, regardless of which method or which instruments, electronic or mechanical, are used.

Vector Driver Setup: New Version 10.7.14

If you click on an application, all of its channels are displayed in the right pane on the screen. Example of unsynchronized network interfaces.

The test is successful if no error messages occur. An OK should appear in the upper part of the window Version 6.