Only supported for SATA-based boot drive. Reinstall the operating system. For any future update, please refer to our website for further information. I cannot continue the Linux installation, what can I do? You can find the latest BIOS version on our website: How can I fix this? Rename the file to “creative.

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We have experienced that some USB 2. Here are some suggestions: After installing the motherboard and LAN drivers, restart your computer and then open Device Manager. What is the difference between them?

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Enter Advanced Settings, and then select Chipset Configuration. Please refer to the following requirements, configurations and setup procedures. Where can I get it?

I am a P4i48 user. After updating the BIOS, the default of BIOS will be loaded with stable setting and the system runs with slower speed to secure the first boot runs successfully.


Reopen the Sound Recorder to record the audio. You could refer to the following steps for try. Then you will see these messages, Please insert a diskette into the floppy drive. What should I do?

The ratio of this CPU is unlocked.

How can I solve this? Adjusted by setting onboard FID jumpers. You don’t need to adjust any setting to enable B.

Suspicious Activity Detected

Since the vBIOS requires different settings for Windows 7, you might see such symptoms during booting. The pin header mark in red is required to connect.

Do you have any idea what possibility causes this? Then the PS2 mouse can be used. 939nf4h-vsta can see the new team under Network adapters. You could change the default settings as you want it, then click “OK” Step Choose [Ld Size setting], and key in the Raid size.

Please click on “Finish”. Connect all HDDs then do below settings: Click the Teaming 939bf4g-vsta, select the Team this adapter with other adapters checkbox, and click New Team.



Plug the 24 pin power connector on the motherboard without other devices. After installation completed and entered into OS, there are two kinds of OS for choosing: Install ME driver v I found two digits or letters changing at the right bottom corner during POST screen.

How do I solve this problem? You could see the Smart Storage Caching is enabled as shown below: If your system is running fine, you do not have to clear the CMOS. After install CentOS 5.